Anime Vs Manga: Which One To Choose?

all time favourite manga for otaku fan

When we talk about anime and manga, some people might be interested in such a topic. We are aware that in this country, there are quite a number of anime and manga fans. The focus of our topic today is whether to choose anime or manga. Yes, they have their own pros and cons which we would be discussing in this post today. Anyway, if any of you missed out all time favourite manga for otaku fan, you can always rewatch them whenever you have the time on the MangaLegacy website. 

Anime in Society

all time favourite manga for otaku fan

Our society might be more familiar with anime. Without knowing, our childhood cartoons such as Hagemaru, Detective Conan and Doraemon are actually anime. It’s just that at that time we saw all the animations as cartoons. We have been with anime for quite a long time and some of us even grew up watching these anime series. If asked about anime fans, they probably would say that the reason why they watch anime is that they have interesting storylines. They vary in numerous genres too. The most popular anime genre these days is the supernatural genre. Animes such as Jujutsu Kaisen are one of the most popular among the others. Other than the supernatural genre, of course, we have the OG, the romance genre. This genre wins not only in anime but also in other live-action dramas. To be honest, the acceptance of anime in society is positive. This is because there have been numerous anime-related events being held in this country and they received a huge amount of participants. 

Manga and The Popularity

all time favourite manga for otaku fan

Apart from anime, some of us actually grew up reading manga. Most of them have been translated into our mother tongue to make it easier to understand. Just like the anime, the most popular genre was the supernatural-themed manga. Japanese authors such as Junji Ito is the most popular mangaka who produce this kind of genre. Although his arts could be gory and not suitable for a certain age, his arts are always sold out and receive positive reviews worldwide. Even in Malaysia, his arts are widely accepted despite the genre he brings. In simpler words, we are capable of accepting different genres according to our preferences and we are able to support these people and their passion. 

Anime Vs Manga

This title is just baiting for you. Both anime and manga have their own specialities. No comparison is needed. If you love watching something and maybe you are just too tired to imagine, anime is for you. Everything is ready for you and all you have to do is to grab your smartphone and turn on the internet. The next step is to watch your favourite anime on your favourite streaming platform. If you prefer reading and you have a good imagination, it is best for you to utilise your imagination skills and read the manga. You can choose from any kind of genre you love and start reading to fill in your time.