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Dominant Mobile App Development Trends that Will Start to Show in 2018

Dominant Mobile App Development Trends that Will Start to Show in 2018

The mobile crowd has taken over the internet by storm. In fact, in a survey report that was released back in 2017, there are already over 3.5 billion unique mobile internet users that mainly use both smartphones and tablets that have taken over their desktop counterparts when it comes to going online.

I mean, who doesn’t want to go somewhere they’re comfortable and surf the internet with a more portable device, right?

As the mobile app market gets more competitive, expect that the mobile app developers would integrate more technologies to help entice consumers even more.

In this article, I will talk about some of the dominant mobile app developments trends that will start to show in 2018.

Interconnectivity with the IoT


Wearable devices, smart appliances, and other things that connect to the internet are all part of the “Internet of Things” or IoT umbrella.

All of these devices provide amazing services to many people. Just look at Google’s voice assistant. This technology can be activated through the use of voice commands and it actually provides some pretty accurate results.

If you want to know more information about the stock market, then it can bring some important details to you. Want to know the weather forecast for today? The technology will also give you what you need.

Basically, the IoT is going to change the future and as more smart devices become more affordable to the general public, expect that these devices will be commonplace everywhere.

Virtual Reality

The Vive and the Oculus are virtual headsets that are capable of delivering a virtual reality experience to the masses. They have since had a massive drop in their prices which makes them more affordable now more than ever before.

Because of this price drop, mobile app developers can now integrate more VR implementations in their upcoming apps which makes it even more exciting for us consumers.

Cross-Platform is the Name of the Game

Cross Platform

For a time, native applications were the king. They pretty much make use of a particular operating system’s native components to ensure that performance remains stable and well across the board.

However, its major limitation is that it is only limited to only one operating system, leaving others without anything.

This is where cross-platform app development comes in. With the emergence of a cross-platform development framework such as React Native, we can now expect more hybrid apps in more mainstream applications. This bodes well for both consumers and business owners.


Blockchain Technology

What used to be a technology that is perceived to be only used in cryptocurrency exchange, Blockchain technology can actually be integrated into mobile apps as well.

In fact, major financial institutions and even some governments around the world are already looking into using this technology for a more robust security measure.

If anything, we are going to most likely see these in apps this year or for the years to come.