How To Start Your Own Podcast In Malaysia

“Knowledge is power” this is a common saying you have been hearing since you can remember. Mostly in school, that is a staple line of parents and educators alike when telling petulant students about the importance of having an education or attaining a certain skill. Most of us shrug this off before, but now, after graduating and while working, if you think about it, knowledge is really a power that you can use for self-improvement and in most cases, a tool you can use to be free of the normal work life routine. One way to take advantage of having a unique knowledge or skill is by hosting a Podcast.

Simply put, podcast is a play on the word “Ipod” and “Broadcast,”basically, they are electronic or digital recordings mostly made in audio formats, available for streaming or downloading, which can be downloaded for free, or at time for a fee. Podcast topics can be anything under the sun and most start a podcast to share with people with the same interest until such time it becomes a community. Presently, as more people live in a more connected world with most activities done online, most get used to getting everything on the internet. In the internet, everything is present and accessible, whatever question, the internet finds an answer. In consequence, aside from learning, podcasts can be a way to feel connected to people with the same interests. In view of this, not only people learn online but for people with knowledge and want to share ideas, Podcasting can be the answer for their need to disseminate information. In addition, Podcasting can be another way to earn online. With the wide-ranging users of the internet, there will be no shortage of market. Hence, if you are skilled in a specific area or have an interest you want to share, why not try Podcasting.

Here are some things you should know to get you started on your very own Podcast:

1. Know your strength and your skill set – To start your Podcast, you have to know your strength and skill because they can be the topic of your Podcasts. This does need to be something special, as mentioned, it can be anything under the sun. As long as you can make the content of your podcast clear, interesting and fun, your podcast will have its followers.

2. Know the basics of recording and editing – Since the medium for podcast is mostly done in audio files, a requirement is for you to learn the basics of recording and editing. If you are planning to earn via podcasting, it is very important to manage expenses well while ensuring the quality of your output. Always consider a cost benefit analysis, will paying for such services make your podcast more marketable, or using free softwares yield the same outcome. In any endeavor, analysis will be a key to a more profitable operation.

3. Know how to advertise your podcast – Advertising is always a part of any product or service. Though the internet will help you a lot in your advertising efforts, you still need to work on how to advertise, promote and market your podcast. This will keep your podcast in the market, thus keeping your podcasting career active.

All things considered, starting a podcast can be a low cost endeavor with a tendency of high rewards. If everything goes smoothly, you might find yourself busy with a serial or episodic podcast. Thus, make sure to think of interesting and engaging content, you never know, this might be what you are meant to do. Of course, aside from starting your own podcast, there are many other ways to earn money online. Check out this website here to learn more!