The Negative Effects of Mobile Phone Uses in our Health, Society and Environment

The Negative Effects of Mobile Phone Uses in our Health, Society and Environment


At this modern age, several people are now depending on smartphones to manage everyday life. Mobile phones and apps are already basic life necessities. These pieces of technology has offer a vast range of benefits. However, it also has its destructive and dangerous effects in the society.

Below are some destructive effects that you should know.

Mobile phones are effective communication tools for criminal purposes.

IOS mobile app development are now considered as major communication gadgets for criminal activities. Many people are utilizing this quick communication tool for terrorism, theft or any other criminal act.

Mobile phones have negative health benefits.

Mobile phones, most especially poor-quality ones, have negative health benefits. Radiation emerging from these gadgets can cause health problems. Moreover, according to a new study, mobile phones are contaminated with many kinds of microorganisms that can cause plenty of diseases.

Mobile phones have negative effects on the environment.

Mobile phones have dangerous effects in our environment. You may not believe it at first, but it has an effect on our pet animals, birds and mammals. Those which are greatly exposed to radiation can have certain abnormalities.

Excessive mobile phone use is a waste of time and money.

People spend tons of time sending unnecessary SMS to one another. This can be considered as a total waste of money and time.

Mobile phone use have negative effects on students.

Students fail to give sufficient time for their studies. Instead, they waste it listening to music, reading SMS, watching videos and playing games.

Mobile phones have negative effects on teens.

Several parents are not truly aware of their children’s activities. Teenage girls and boys communicate to one another through their mobile phones, and do lots of bad activities.