Web Hosting 101: How to Change to a New Domain Name?

Here then is a basic guide to an effective domain name change:

Before finalizing your purchase, check whether the domain name has been registered before.

If the domain name you are checking has one of the latest extensions, then the chances of it having been registered in the past are slim. However, there is still a chance. Check of your domain name has been penalized before by Google. If it has been penalized before, then it wouldn’t be allowed to use Google AdSense.

Make sure to back everything up.

Moving your website under a new domain name will also require you to move servers. When you make major changes, always fear the worst. If you don’t want to lose everything, then make sure to make a full backup.

Move all your files to the new account and server.

The best web hosting companies help their clients with content management systems. Check if you want to work on Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. Through these, you can rebuild web pages, either using code or manually.

Create a 404 redirect web page.

If you are manually doing chances, then at some point, you will make some mistakes. This can result to some links directing to web pages that don’t really exist. Don’t let this affect your search engine optimization strategy. Build a dedicated 404 redirect web page.

Build, and then add a new XML sitemap to your website.

XML sitemaps are easier for Google to read, so don’t forget to add one. You can make one using Drupal, WordPress or Joomla. These platforms offer plugins that would allow you to make one.