Why You Need To Try Octopus 

Octopus or octopi are some of the more fascinating creatures of the ocean. They are beautiful invertebrates that intelligent, beautiful, and also known as masters of camouflage. Or sometimes, we lovingly know them as magicians of the ocean. They have many different sleeves up their 8 tentacles to attack and defend themselves against predators. Octopuses are not a common delicacy to many but it is one of the tastiest and delicious ones to exist out of all the seafood.

Octopuses are often new to many, even for pescatarians so let’s describe its taste and texture. They are meaty, rubbery, and tender. They are filled with protein and can be so versatile when cooking. The flavor of octopus is very strong and it’s certainly not a taste to miss. This mighty tender and tasteful creature have one too many recipes to enjoy. From being prepared with dill to being tossed into a salad or grilled, fried, or even handed to us on stick-like kebabs, they are equally all amazing. Octopuses not only taste great but are also very beneficial for our health. Researchers have found various benefits related to our sexual health to mental health that is all credited to the tenderness of octopus meat. 

Let’s take a closer look at all the wonderful benefits of octopi. 

Excellent For Our Heart Health 

One cup of octopi is enough to keep us away from an expensive visit to the cardiologist. There are so many aquatic organisms that prove to improve our heart health by preventing heart attacks and the prevalence of high blood pressure. A more notable seafood delicacy that does wonders at improving our heart health is the octopi. They are an excellent source of nutrients such as omega 3 fatty acids, just like many other fishes in the sea. The omega 3 fatty acids are responsible for strengthening the condition of our heart and greatly decrease the irregularity of hart beats, reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes and even improve our immune responses. 

Perfect For Weight Loss

One cup of cooked octopus has less than 100 calories. To be fair, octopus when cooked quickly shrinks and becomes a small amount like spinach. This means you can easily fill up on a varied flavourful cup of delicious octopus alongside your favorite sides. You can pair them up with brown rice, legumes, potatoes, and even vegetables. They are also high in protein which contributes to the formation of muscles and burning fat when exercising. 17 grams of fat you get in the octopus is good news for everyone looking to increase their protein intake and improve their bone structures, muscle mass and lose excessive fat.  

Excellent Source Of Nutrients

Octopuses are a great source of nutrients such as Magnesium, potassium, selenium, copper, and iron, just like many other kinds of seafood available through fresh seafood delivery Selangor. If octopus is too much of a shock to our tastebuds, a good salmon cut always makes the perfect dinner and lunch. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and keeps us full for a very long time.