Why You Should Not Be Gambling?

Gambling is indeed a fun activity that most people enjoy and once you’ve hit the lottery you’ll understand why most people love to gamble. It’s all about the excitement and thrill of knowing whether you’ll win or not. Nowadays, with the help of advanced technology you don’t even need to go to any casinos or lotto shop to gamble, you can easily have access to any online casino websites that you want, you can even go to mega888 and play casino games all night long. 






However, have you ever wonder how such a fun and exciting activity can turn into something dangerous that can even ruin people’s life. It’s understandable why most people think gambling addiction is not as bad as drug and alcohol addiction and this is probably because gambling addiction will not ruin someone’s health and put their life at risk. Compared to alcohol and drug, where it can literally be fatal if someone is addicted to them. But the truth is that gambling addiction is as bad as the other types of addiction because it can ruin someone’s life. You might wonder how gambling can ruin someone’s life? Well, here are some of the ways where gambling is bad and why we should not be gambling. 


All types of gambling have one similarity which is you’ll need to bet your money in order for you to have chances of winning. At first, there’s probably no harm in betting a few dollars so that you’ll have chances to win the game, but over time you’ll start to realize that you are betting your money more than you’ve won. And when someone is struggling with gambling addiction the main problem that all of them will face is a financial crisis. They’ll bet every money that they have to experience that moment of excitement and thrill and when they’re not winning anything they’ll bet even more. Which in some worst scenarios where it can lead to bankruptcy, being in debt with the bank, or a loan shark. 


Other than that, we all know that if someone is struggling with any type of addiction not only they’re the ones that’ll suffer but the whole family and people that are close with them will also bear the consequences. We’ve seen many relationships, friendships, and family bonds that have been ruined due to their addiction to gambling. This is because after so much trust and promises have been broken due to their addiction it’s hard to mend back that relationship. 


Some people might not realize this but gambling addiction can also lead to some serious health issues. Most people with gambling issues will have a high level of stress due to their financial crisis, gambling addiction, relationship problems, etc. And this high level of stress can lead to more serious health issues like high blood pressure, sudden heart attack, mental disorders, and many more health issues. 


In conclusion, these are just a few reasons why we should not be gambling and there are tons of other different reasons why gambling is bad for us, and there are no real benefits in gambling.